Revolutionizing Mental Health Services


A decentralized, community-driven ecosystem to create social impact: Building a bridge to a happier society, enabled by Web3 & Blockchain Technology.


Decentralized & Affordable Mental Health Movement

Building a bridge to a happier society, by improving well-being services while reducing healthcare costs.

Revolutionizing the way people find, rate, and review their guides/coaches/therapists by using blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a world where people can easily find the help they need anywhere and any time. Everyone deserves to be happy!

Why are we doing it - and what is the future of Mental Health?

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Let us change the way mental health works - for good.

Helping millions of people living a more fulfilled life.

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Meet the careoline ecosystem

The careoline ecosystem consists of four streams which ultimately support the heart of careoline: the social impact DNA!


To establish this great idea in a meaningful way, we build a community with the same mindset, incentivized via careoline.crypto stream.

Helps you to find your mental health professional in every life situation. Find your best-fit match in 60 seconds based on your personal assessment and have a happier & more fulfilled life.


Supports creating a full experience community-driven decentralized ecosystem by using the best of these exponential technologies building a bridge to a happier society.

All streams support the heart of the careoline ecosystem: the social impact DNA! Clear goal is to support people in need who cannot afford external help.  Hypothesis: Early prevention of well-being dramatically reduces social impact costs - and would change the current "healthcare system landscape". To prove this, a scientifically based Happiness Index is being created in collaboration with research partners like universities and NGOs

The partner program has its own stream to create synergies: Bringing together the best-fit investors, organizations and players in the well-being and blockchain world to make this a happier world.


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How careoline.crypto works

The future of Mental Health starts here!

While mental health prevalence and cost continue to rise, there is hope that technology can shape mental health services and make them accessible for everybody without limits.

In particular, the adoption of blockchain and Web3 to incentivize mental well-being activities is a window of opportunity: Web3 is a decentralized network that can make mental health more accessible, affordable, and private than traditional methods. With blockchain technology, people on the Web3 will have access to quality mental healthcare without the need for common third-party intermediaries.

This will be a game-changer for many people who are currently struggling - to start with self reflection and find support.

NFT Collection

The careoline.crypto NFT collection provides benefits to holder in the careoline ecosystem such as cost reduction, actual life activities and many more.

Careoline Token

Participate in the careoline social token ecosystem. Earn, trade and benefit with the careoline social token launch.


Often the environment plays a big role for our happiness: Join careoline in the Metaverse and participate in immersive/virtual spaces and careoline "well-being rooms".


Incentivized well-being approach: Earn careoline Token whenever you work on your well-being, both when you receive or offer coaching sessions. Crazy idea: "play2heal2earn" :) 

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-Our path to the democratization of mental health-



Meet the decentralized Core Team



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Invest in the new technology and community driven way of preventing mental health issues!

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